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We are a small firm of architects providing full 3D visualisation for residential and commercial projects.

The world's leading VR gear, HTC Vive is our preferred choice - the highest resolution available. 


This video shows the VR experience in action. Go exploring!

How does it work?

In most building projects the designer/architect presents you with drawings in sketch form at the beginning, either in 2-D or 3-D. They are intended to convey the concept of your design whether it is an alteration or a new build. Many people have trouble with this, not being trained to interpret drawings.

There is also a problem with scale. Whilst architects are trained to anticipate the scale and proportion of their designs, their clients are new to the experience and sometimes have no idea what they are getting into with the plans they are looking at. Thanks to the VR experience, we find people are amazed that they suddenly have a full appreciation of a design at a very early stage.

For this to be possible it is preferred that the building design be executed in 3-D from the beginning. This enables VR walk-throughs for both architect and client almost from day one to make sure that things are on track.



Virtual reality has come a long way in a few short years. Originally the domain of gamers it is now applied in everything from aerospace, automotive and now architecture. It works by looking at the CAD file (digital drawing) directly and converting it to a 3-D hologram so that you can literally walk around inside the file. This is what makes it unique compared with any other previous form of presentation. It does impose significant demands on the designer in that there needs to be more detail provided at an early stage than with traditional methods. For this reason, there is some resistance in the design professions to fully implementing VR.

On the other hand the benefits are so great it’s generally worth the extra effort in terms of the feedback provided both internally and externally. Architects find it invaluable getting details resolved at an early stage, and clients are more satisfied about the design.


"The VR experience gave me a clear and fluent understanding of what my design will look like. I was able to easily pick up on details I probably would not have noticed otherwise" 

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